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Malaysian parent’s bottled water bath video goes viral

A video of a Malaysian father using bottled mineral water for his son’s bath has gone viral on TikTok with 1.4 million views. ‘Madammu’, the mother, playfully calls it ‘over the top’, while expressing admiration for her husband’s dedication.

The video has elicited mixed reactions from netizens, ranging from support to humor about the premium water choice.



MALAYSIA: Like all dedicated parents, a Malaysian married couple is willing to go to great extremes to ensure the best for their son.

Recently, a video posted by the Malaysian mother went viral on TikTok, with 1.4 million views as of today.

In the video, the wife, known as ‘Madammu’ revealed that when they returned to her husband’s hometown in Terengganu, her husband decided to opt for bottled mineral water instead of tap water for his son’s bath.

Madammu stated in the video caption, playfully, that her husband’s act is over the top before she mentioned that she herself used to bathe using well water in the past.

Madammu then expressed her deep appreciation for her husband’s caring nature, emphasizing that he always prioritizes their child’s well-being.

The video showcases Madammu’s assistant carefully mixing three bottles of mineral water with hot water in a bathtub to create the perfect bath for their child.

Madammu couldn’t help but praise her husband’s extraordinary display of paternal love, stating that such acts are a rare sight to behold.


Kasihnya bapa!

♬ Doaku Untukmu Sayang – Egus Rivilla

Comment sections filled with mixed reactions

Some netizens applaud the couple for their thoughtful gesture.

A netizen remarked that the father’s action wasn’t excessive and proposed that he might be trying to protect their son from potential skin infections caused by unclean water.

Madammu replied that the water supply at their place was yellowish when they arrived.

Another netizen suggested they should get a water filter.

Concurrently, certain netizens responded with sarcastic and humorous remarks, mostly due to the reputation of the relatively expensive mineral water brand.

“I bathe my baby with syrup water every day.”


“My late father provided me with Starbucks water for my bath.”

Nevertheless, some netizens are coming to the couple’s defense, asserting that their intention was solely to provide the best for their son and highlighting their reluctance to use unclean water for bathing.

A netizen mentioned that they used water filter to get clean water for their baby’s bath.

In a playful comment, another netizen quipped, “My mom would advise me not to bathe at all to save water.”

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