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ERP rate for KPE after Defu Flyover will be increased from S$5 to S$6 during 8.30am to 9.00am

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates will increase by S$1 at 3 locations during specific time periods from 28 August 2023. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) cites intensified congestion as reason. Other rates remain unchanged,

LTA says it will monitor traffic speeds and congestion levels closely for further adjustments.



SINGAPORE: Starting from 28 August 2023, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates at three locations will undergo a price increase of S$1 during four designated time periods.

In a press release dated 22 August, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) revealed the completion of its latest evaluation of ERP rates.

The authority noted that based on traffic observations in July 2023, congestion had intensified along various segments of expressways.

To address this congestion, the LTA has decided to implement a S$1 adjustment to ERP rates at the subsequent three locations:

– PIE (Adam and Mount Pleasant) (Set of 2 Gantries)
– KPE (ECP) after Defu Flyover
– Westbound PIE before Eunos

These revised prices will come into effect from 28 August 2023, onwards, and will be applicable during the specified time frames:

Table via LTA

LTA emphasized that the rates for other gantries and time slots that were previously disclosed will remain unaffected.

Furthermore, the authority highlighted that despite these modifications, the count of charged locations and time slots remains lower than in the pre-pandemic period.

The press release affirmed, “LTA will continue to monitor traffic speeds and congestion levels closely and assess if ERP rates need to be further adjusted.”

Singaporean netizens react to the increase in ERP rates

As is customary, online users infuse their commentaries with humour, seemingly using it as a coping mechanism to navigate situations beyond their control.

Some netizens are trying to remain positive and encourage others in their comment.

A few others mentioned traffic congestion issues.

Some mentioned, “They should plan the increases strategically…”

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GST has been increased, how many increases does the PAP think they can continue to pile on the people? Where are all these increases going to? Cut the govt. expenditure instead of increasing costs! Our wages are not increasing.

so if it will not ease the congestion, what would LTA do?
i guess … increase some more?
more, more and more until it works?

Now we should ask, where does the ERP money go? Public transport is not getting any cheaper or better.