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TikTok exposes alleged contractor’s improper waste disposal near Johor Bahru Hospital

A TikTok video capturing an individual allegedly discarding rubbish from a bin onto a beach has drawn attention, prompting swift action. Royal intervention and citizen efforts triggered dismissals, blacklisting, and cleanup measures. The local authority is utilizing legal consequences to combat improper waste disposal.




MALAYSIA: In a recently uploaded TikTok video, a user (@laaibanatasha_) captured a concerning incident involving an individual allegedly affiliated with a council contractor, discarding trash from a bin onto a beach.

The video, posted on 13 August, has garnered an impressive 839.3 thousand views.


@Onn Hafiz @majlisbandarayajohorbahru Alkisahnya harini, After jogging nak pergi sarapan, pastu kedainya tutup lagi, so pergi laa jalan2 area jb, pastu sampai kat sini, stop jap santai2 sebab nak makan satay yg beli dekat pasar tani tadi, tiba2 nampak sorang pekerja ni baru nak kutip sampah dari tong sampah, mula2 puji laa dia “wahh, bagusnya tangkap gambar before buang sampahnya”, tapi tiba2 dia tarik plastiknya tanpa ikat pungggg!! pergi campak sampah kat tepi sana, auto membebel laa dlm kereta kenapa dia buat macam gitu apa semua. Nak tegur terus tak berani kang dia buat apa2 pulak kan, pastu decide utk rakam perbuatan pekerja ni. Terpaling terkejut bila tgk rupa2 nya dah banyak sampah dibuang kat situ. Kita dah buang sampah elok2 dalam tong sampah, dapat kat pekerja ni, dia pulak yg cemarkan alam sekitar.

♬ original sound – La aiba natasha – La aiba natasha

The video footage reveals the individual in question photographing the trash bin’s contents prior to their unceremonious disposal onto the beach.

Subsequently, after replacing the bin liner, another photograph is taken to indicate that the bin has been emptied.

This unsettling incident reportedly transpired near Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Bahru.

Twitter user @arfdy12 contended that the implicated individual was associated with a contractor appointed by the Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) to manage waste disposal.

The inappropriate disposal took place near Lido Beach, situated along the Tebrau Strait (Johor Strait), according to @arfdy12.

Royal intervention and swift response

Prompted by concerned citizens, including Twitter user @Tfsgxy_), who reached out to the Crown Prince of Johor (TMJ), Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, the matter gained royal attention.

TMJ subsequently engaged Datuk Haji Norazam from the Johor Civil Service (JCS) to address the situation.

Following this intervention, His Majesty received confirmation that appropriate measures had been taken against the company responsible, with the contractor directed to clean up the affected area.

Notably, the workers implicated in the video have been dismissed by their employer, and the contractor has been placed on a blacklist.

MBJB’s swift measures and legal consequences

In response to the viral video, MBJB has diligently identified the individuals responsible, as well as the associated contractor. The council has mandated a thorough cleaning of the affected location.

Addressing the matter through their official Facebook page, MBJB issued a stern warning to the implicated contractor and instructed them to endorse a Letter of Commitment, pledging to prevent such incidents in the future.

MBJB has underscored that unauthorized waste disposal is subject to prosecution under the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act 2007 (Act 672).

Those found guilty may face fines ranging from RM10,000 (US $2,157) to RM100,000 (US $21,572), imprisonment between six months to five years, or both, as stipulated by the law.

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