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George Goh counters doubt on reserves safeguarding with entrepreneurial expertise

Presidential contender George Goh, founder of Harvey Norman Ossia, asserts his readiness to protect Singapore’s past reserves.

He addressed doubts raised by another hopeful Ng Kok Song, emphasizing his entrepreneurial background includes managing substantial resources across countries.



Presidential hopeful George Goh confidently affirms his relevant experience in safeguarding Singapore’s past reserves.

The founder of Harvey Norman Ossia highlighted his entrepreneurial background, underscoring his experience in establishing companies across various countries and managing substantial financial resources.

“When you handle billions of dollars, you’re most likely (getting) international support … You travel all (over) the world; you not only talk about business, you talk about politics because (if) you need to invest in certain countries, you need to know what politics (are) going on,” he said.

“You need to know the culture. You also need to know the economy of the country, and you must also know who are your competitors in the country.”

Mr Goh was responding to skepticism raised by fellow Presidential hopeful Ng Kok Song, who said the intricacies of safeguarding Singapore’s past reserves are “not easy to understand”, and that Mr Goh and Mr Tan have yet to prove themselves.

Mr Goh on Monday (14 Aug) evening launched his platform and slogan for his 2023 Presidential Election campaign: One chance for change, Singapore’s media outlet CNA reported.

During his opening speech, Mr Goh highlighted the distinct perspective on money held by those from the private sector, particularly entrepreneurs

“For us, when we look at money itself, this is like our money. So, no wastage. We have to make sure every single cent, we’re protecting it. It’s very difficult.”

Goh noted that in business, failing to deliver results can lead to removal by the board or company’s downfall. This suggests that decision-making in the private sector can be inherently more demanding.

“This is not something the public sector has an issue (with) because the fund was basically from the Ministry of Finance … You just have to make sure (there are) many (people) to set up the fund.”

Goh highlights his advantage as an “independent” candidate when comes to safeguarding reserves

Mr Goh on Monday evening again reiterated the advantage of his lack of political ties. He defines an “independent” candidate as someone not affiliated with any political party, government-linked company boards, or Citizens’ Consultative Committees.

Goh elaborated, stating, “I have an advantage … when I come to the reserves, when you come to the key appointment; I don’t have to worry too much about my baggage or my colleague. Of course, I (am) also not a policy maker.”

“So when I make a decision, I will make a right judgment. What is right for me, what is right for the country, what is right for the people. I will work on that basis.”

Mr Goh also asserted that he has no plans to retract his candidacy, in response to remarks made by fellow presidential hopeful Tan Kin Lian during the launch of his bid last Friday.

He clarified that there’s no formal agreement with Tan regarding stepping down if both qualify for the election, and he stressed that he does not know Tan “very well”.

He expressed his disagreement with the idea of candidates stepping down based on qualifications.

Last Friday, Mr Tan said in the event that both of them qualify for the Presidential Election, Tan expressed his intention to discuss with Goh who to step down and support the other non-establishment candidate.

Goh’s proactive campaign preparation despite COE’s eligibility concern

However, there have been concerns arising on whether Mr Goh fulfills the criteria to contest in the forthcoming PE 2023.

He had earlier reiterated his confidence that he will obtain his Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for participating in Singapore’s PE 2023, highlighting he has a group of companies that have a cumulative figure corresponding to an average annual shareholders’ equity of S$507 million for the entire consortium.

When questioned about campaign preparation without the COE, Goh emphasized taking calculated risks and maintaining confidence, advising against waiting until the last minute.

“As an entrepreneur, there’s a word called risk. You must have confidence (in) yourself. Please don’t wait. Whatever materials need to prepare, must prepare,” he said.

“You cannot wait till the last day, maybe 21 August … No, you can’t wait, ” Goh believes in taking initiative and acting with confidence, an approach he sees as befitting a presidential candidate.

Goh’s platform and slogan for the PE 2023

Goh’s media team issued a press statement on Monday (14 Aug), unveiling his platform and slogan for PE 2023.

The statement claims Goh offering Singaporeans a chance “to vote in someone outside of this political circle”, and “without the baggage of past links, favours and friendships.”

Emphasizing significant changes to the Presidency while adhering to constitutional boundaries, Goh’s vision focuses on promoting openness and inclusivity. He aims to enhance transparency in the President’s custodial responsibilities and engagement with the Council of Presidential Advisors.

In the event of his election, Mr Goh will introduce an “annual report card,” detailing his activities and decisions throughout the year, encompassing Bill approvals, speeches, and fundraising efforts.

Furthermore, Goh aspires to amplify the reach and impact of the President’s Challenge. Leveraging his philanthropic experience, business network, and the prestige of his office, he envisions raising S$1 billion for lesser-recognized welfare organizations and small charities.

As a mentor to young entrepreneurs, Goh envisions assembling a diverse group of mentors across various disciplines, fostering the growth and development of young individuals.

“The best of the young people get the most attention and resources. The rest should be helped too. Young people, including the disabled, may have an interest or talent they want to cultivate which could be an edge for them in life later.”


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