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A Singaporean man was offered S$78 compensation for his lost Gucci pants worth S$2,150

A laundry service reportedly lost S$2,150 Gucci trousers owned by a customer, offering only S$78 as compensation – ten times the dry-cleaning cost.

Reddit users shared mishandling stories, emphasizing careful service selection and CCTV for dispute evidence.



SINGAPORE: A laundry delivery service known as Piing allegedly misplaced a pair of Gucci trousers worth S$2,150 belonging to a customer named Sean.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, Piing reportedly offered compensation equivalent to ten times the dry-cleaning price, which amounts to S$78.

Sean recounted his experience to Mothership, detailing how he had his blazer and Gucci GG Jersey Cotton Track Bottoms collected from his residence at 11pm on 10 July.

Originally scheduled for collection between 7 pm to 9 pm, Sean’s wife had made the arrangements.

Returned the wrong pants

On 13 July, the company returned his blazer but not his Gucci trousers, they sent another pair of black sweatpants instead.

The couple reached out to Piing’s customer service the following day, but they maintained that she did not dispatch the pants and requested her to search for it within their residence.

Frustrated by the lack of resolution, the couple provided a motion recording doorbell footage to Piing, showing an employee collecting the clothes from outside their door.


Piing acknowledge it was indeed their employee who took the clothes via email on 14 July and decided to conduct an investigation, instead of compensating for their loss.

The couple filed a police report

The couple proceeded with a police report on 17 July after days of no updates from the company.

On 18 July, Sean called the company to inquire about the progress of the investigation.

The staff told him that the driver might have mistakenly dispatched the item to other addresses, which elevates Sean’s suspicions.

He proceeded to inquire if the company would offer compensation if the item was considered lost.

Yet to receive the compensation

The staff responded, in accordance with the company’s terms and conditions, the compensation for the lost item would be ten times the price of the dry-cleaning, resulting in Sean receiving only S$78.

On 20 July, Sean’s wife received a message from the company informing them of the investigation was still in progress, and on 31 July, the company decided to proceed with the compensation, which Sean finds unjust.

As of Sunday (6 Aug), Sean reported that he had not yet received the compensation. He noted that Piing typically takes one to two months to finalize payment.

Additionally, Sean mentioned that the police are actively investigating the issue.

Redditors share tales of garments destroyed or lost by laundry services

Commenting on Sean’s account, netizens have expressed their thoughts on Reddit, with some recounting similar experiences of their belongings being mishandled by laundry services.

Others advise caution when selecting laundry services and emphasize the importance of having doorstep CCTV as evidence in case of disputes.

One Redditor shared a story about his work pants, which were machine-washed instead of dry-cleaned, resulting in damage. The shop owner offered a mere $50 per pair of pants as compensation, citing contractual terms.

Another user suggested that customers should opt for vendors with higher liability limits to safeguard expensive clothing during laundering.

Several comments highlighted the benefits of installing security cameras, especially in situations like this.

Redditors playfully jest about pants probably put on sale on Carousell

Some individuals find amusement in the situation and have lightheartedly joked that the laundry company might end up selling the lost Gucci pants on Carousell, a platform for buying and selling secondhand goods.

They playfully speculate about the fate of the misplaced pants in an online marketplace.


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Why even wear such an expensive pants….to flaunt Gucci brand ?
Uniclo, G2000 ,Lululemon ,H&M also provide equally comfortable and great apparels .
Take it as God knocking on your door to be generous and give back to society .
There are so many underprivileged people in Singapore and elsewhere . Rather donate that money to these people ir organisations.

If your pair of trousers are so expensive, why not just pick them up on your own? Or have someone trustworthy to pick them up for you.