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Viral TikTok video shows Indonesian firefighters rescue toddler with biscuit tin stuck on head

In a heartwarming viral video, Tasikmalaya firefighters rescued a toddler with a biscuit tin stuck on his head.

Amidst the rescue, some found humor in the toddler boy’s innocent predicament, adding to the touching moment.




INDONESIA: A heartwarming and extraordinary video clip has taken the internet by storm, as a TikTok user uploaded footage of firefighters coming to the rescue of a toddler boy with a biscuit tin stuck on his head.

The incident, which occurred in Tasikmalaya, West Java, has garnered over five million views and drawn admiration from netizens worldwide.


#pelepasan_kaleng_dikepala #damkar_kotatasikmalaya

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The video, shared on the account @sakoci83, captures a heart-stopping moment where a toddler finds himself in an amusing predicament with a biscuit tin tightly lodged on his head.

The boy’s father can be seen seeking assistance as he carries his little one.

Quick to the rescue were the dedicated firefighters of the Tasikmalaya City Fire Department, equipped with the necessary tools to delicately remove the biscuit can from the child’s head.

Their expertise and quick action enabled them to successfully complete the rescue operation in just around 10 minutes.

The video has now garnered an astounding 5.1 million views and over 19 thousand comments, with netizens praising the firefighters as the ultimate problem solvers.

“I salute the firefighters; they can handle anything,” commented user s****, showcasing the admiration these heroic firefighters received from the online community.


netizen reaction on TikTok.

Netizens were in awe of the firefighters’ versatile skills, with user m**** adding, “firefighters for all the solutions to your problems,” acknowledging their commitment to serving the community.


netizen reaction on TikTok.

Amidst the heartwarming rescue, some users couldn’t help but find humor in the boy’s innocent behavior.

“After all, they are just babies,” remarked user f****, highlighting the adorable and playful nature of young children.


netizen reaction on TikTok.

However, amidst the laughter, users like m**** expressed sympathy for the boy, saying, “Oh God, I want to laugh, but I’m sorry for the kid. Indeed, kids like to make humor beyond reason,” reflecting on the unpredictable antics of children.


netizen reaction on TikTok.

In the footage, a grateful man can also be seen extending his appreciation to the Tasikmalaya fire department for their prompt response and dedicated service to the community.

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