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Indonesian deputy director of Bahagia Hospital caught in child abuse scandal

Deputy Director of Bahagia Hospital in Indonesia, identified as Dr. M, has been dismissed following a disturbing incident of child abuse at a local coffee shop. The event, caught on CCTV and virally spread via social media, has sparked widespread outrage and provoked debate about responsibility and conduct.




INDONESIA: In a shocking incident at Bahagia Hospital, Makassar, South Sulawesi, an individual identified as Doctor M, who served as the deputy director of the medical services section, has been dismissed from his position after allegedly abusing a three-year-old child at a local coffee shop.

The disturbing incident, which occurred on Thursday (27 Jul) at 11.10 pm (local time), was caught on the coffee shop’s CCTV camera and has since spread like wildfire across social media platforms.

The victim’s parents took immediate action by reaching out to a Twitter account, @SupirPete2, on Saturday (29 Jul), where they shared the detailed chronology of the unfortunate event and provided the CCTV footage as evidence.

According to the parent’s account, the incident unfolded when their son accidentally picked up one of Dr M’s chess pieces.

The doctor, seemingly disturbed by this innocent act, reacted aggressively by striking the child’s head, causing the young one to fall back onto his seat.

Despite an apology from the child’s father, the doctor continued to berate both the child and the father.

This situation further escalated when the doctor’s anger persisted, and the child’s father, in defence of his son, expressed his own frustration.

The circulating video, now viewed by over 146 thousand netizens, has evoked various reactions.

Many condemned the doctor’s actions, citing the use of force against a small child as unacceptable under any circumstances.

On the other hand, some others argued that the incident should be seen in context, considering the unintentional disruption caused by the child.

“It can be concluded that the doctor’s reaction was disproportionate. Even if emotions run high, resorting to physical aggression, especially against a child, is unjustifiable,” commented user a****.


netizen comment on Twitter.

“Everyone involved bears some responsibility, but it is essential to identify the root cause and its effects. Only then can we understand the full picture,” said user l****.


netizen comment on Twitter.

Following the viral outrage and public outcry, Bahagia Hospital took swift action.

Dr M was promptly dismissed from his position and terminated as an employee.

Muhammad Fakhrudin, a Legal Consultant at Bahagia Hospital, stated on Sunday (30 Jul) that it was a mandatory measure according to the hospital’s policies when an employee is involved in a legal case.

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