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Oil spill reaches Singapore’s beaches following Pasir Panjang Terminal collision

An oil spill hit Singapore’s beaches, including Sentosa and East Coast Park, on Saturday after a dredger collided with a bunker vessel at Pasir Panjang Terminal on Friday afternoon. Clean-up operations are underway, with swimming and sea activities halted.



Several beaches in Singapore, including those on Sentosa island and East Coast Park, have been affected by an oil spill after a dredger collided with a bunker vessel at Pasir Panjang Terminal. The collision, which occurred on Friday, resulted in significant oil spillage that spread to the coastal areas by Saturday.

Oil was observed on Sentosa’s beaches—Palawan, Siloso, and Tanjong—as well as Sentosa Cove, home to numerous condominiums.

Despite the oil contamination, has permitted visitors to use the beaches, though swimming and sea activities are prohibited to facilitate the clean-up efforts.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) reported that the incident occurred around 2.20 pm on Friday when a Netherlands-flagged dredger struck a stationary Singapore-flagged bunker vessel, damaging its cargo tank and causing the oil spill.

Sixteen oil spill response craft have been deployed to spray dispersants and collect the oil slicks on the water’s surface.

Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) was alerted to the oil spillage at Palawan Beach at 9 pm on Friday, and by 7 am on Saturday, the oil had spread to other beaches.

The corporation is permitting visitors to use the beaches but halted all beach activities and initiated clean-up operations in collaboration with MPA and other relevant authorities, emphasizing the priority to minimize the impact on Sentosa’s waters and wildlife.

Residents of Sentosa Cove and members of the public concerned over the impact of wildlife have also volunteered to assist in the clean-up.

The spill has also affected East Coast Park and Labrador Park. At East Coast Park, the black residue was visible along the beach, with a strong odour of oil in the air.

Oil was also seen in the water at Labrador Park, where booms have been deployed between the jetty and the coast to contain the spill.

Posting on Facebook about his visit to Labrador Nature Reserve, National Development Minister Desmond Lee advised the public to stay away due to the strong fumes.

“NParks colleagues are deploying booms to protect the rocky shores from more of the oil spill. We are keeping a close watch.”

He assured that measures are being taken to protect the rocky shores and that authorities are closely monitoring the situation.

In an update, Mr Lee said that booms have been placed in the canals that feed the mangrove in the West Coast Park despite it not being affected by the spill. as a precautionary measure.

Closer to Sentosa, the spill has impacted the Caribbean at Keppel Bay, a condominium near VivoCity mall.

An oil sheen was visible in a canal at the condominium, and residents reported a petrol-like smell. The condominium management informed residents that surfactant spraying had reduced the severity of the impact on their canals.

Photos of the oil present in various drains were also shared in chat groups on private messaging.

MPA confirmed that there is no impact on navigational traffic and that berthing operations at Pasir Panjang Terminal remain unaffected.

The agency’s statement on Friday evening indicated that the affected cargo tank had been isolated and the spill contained, with clean-up operations ongoing.

Marine Stewards, an environmental NGO, posted on its Facebook page stating that it is coordinating with NParks through a single point of coordination to avoid confusion and optimize resources for the rescue and rehabilitation of marine wildlife.

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Nice color …a welcoming sight.

When will the black streaky tar reach the ISTANA grounds????

Singapore used to have clear blue with bright stars at night, then Singapore is polluted by factories and refinery until many bright stars cannot be seen and the sky color become very strange. Businesses make money at the expense of Singaporean misery as Singaporeans suffer the environment damage cost with people suffering medical condition like asthma, sensitive nose, flu, lung cancer and house dirty by polluted dust. Now oil spill polluted our sea which could be the oil to be transport to oil refinery.

Last edited 26 days ago by Petrus Romanus

Not too long ago the SG flagship hitting the Baltimore bridge.
Few weeks ago SIA plane turbulence accident-many injured , 1 death.
Now this bad oilspill on our SG waters…
No wonder LW said he has more work as new pm..more stressful and less privacy.🙄
Oh Poor Thing😭

Mega HUGE chunks of valuable flora at Ridout Road ELMINATED by BRAINLESS PAP Administration Monsters with the SG People’s Govt Services in joint devastating actions with them, one REALLY engage deeper thinking, is this PAP really for SG – 1000s LJ.

Saddening to see our once lovely island and shores being wrecked by outsiders…directly or indirectly…little by little…

Last edited 26 days ago by W.A.J.

Like our island which is overpopulated, now our seas are affected. Did we need a mega port? Are we having problems with the Malaysian Coast guards? No one will be able to enjoy their lives on the island if we don’t revert to exclusivity which means lesser is more. Too much of everything means lesser in all as everything is shared with 6 million people. Please ensure that the bill for the clean up is collected from the respective parties and taxpayers’ are not left holding the bill.

“Green policy” to make money from carbon tax to plastic bags fee but actually not green. Oil refinery in Singapore create CO2 and oil tankers carry crude oil to Singapore pollute Singapore sea and destroy environment. This is not the first time Singapore have oil spill and will not be the last.

Our coastal waters are clogged with all sorts of ships in recent years. You can walk across the entire length of East Coast Park and have your view blocked with numerous vessels, mainly oil tankers. Let’s also not forget about the pollution from the engines of all these ships too which makes their way onto land (I have no idea why people even want to live near there, the smell is horrible). Shouldn’t the Coast Guard and Navy do more to prevent these collisions? And also piracy. Is the Changi Naval Base just for show? The only good part of… Read more »

Last edited 27 days ago by Blankslate

Please DON’T spray dispersants. Dispersants are THEMSELVES pollutive chemicals. What should be done is to try to EXTRACT/Remove the oil from the water and recover it so it can be REUSED as fuel.

Want to have lifestyle with yachts, seaview, exclusive perimeter,golf greens, but next door
to oil terminal, next door to container berths.

The desire to please the wealthy few and earn mega bucks… guiding light of this Gov.