10 Taiwanese soldiers charged with spying for China

Ten Taiwanese military officers, including two in a video pledging to “surrender” to Beijing, are indicted for alleged espionage. Prosecutors claim recruitment of servicemen for military information and exchanging secrets for money.

The charges underscore rising tensions amid heightened cross-strait pressures.

Taiwan’s opposition candidates register for election

Taiwan’s opposition alliance collapsed as KMT and TPP failed to agree on a presidential candidate. The breakdown, aired live, adds uncertainty to the upcoming election and raises implications for Taiwan-China relations amid DPP’s stance.

Taiwan’s presidential frontrunner picks US envoy as running mate

Taiwan’s VP and presidential frontrunner, Lai Ching-te, chooses former U.S. envoy Hsiao Bi-khim as running mate. Hsiao, skilled in handling U.S.-China tensions, resigns as envoy. China, labeling her an “independence diehard,” previously sanctioned her. Tensions persist over Taiwan’s status.

Taiwan’s opposition parties join forces for presidential election

Taiwan’s opposition parties KMT and TPP agreed to cooperate in the presidential election. Hou Yu-ih (KMT) and Ko Wen-je (TPP) await poll results on Saturday to decide the lead candidate. The agreement aims for mutual assistance in future elections. Current polls show Vice President Lai Ching-te (DPP) leading, followed by Ko and Hou.

DBS Bank Taiwan former financial advisor’s alleged collusion with criminal gangs causes over US$1.4 million in losses for victims

Reports from Taiwan have highlighted concerns over a former DBS Bank Taiwan financial advisor’s purported links to criminal gang members and fraud syndicates.

Allegedly, the collaboration resulted in illicit real estate investments and illegal fundraising, leading to a significant loss of over NT$ 48 million (roughly equivalent to US$1.48 million) among four victims.

Taiwan detects 43 Chinese warplanes around island

Taiwan’s defense ministry detected over 40 Chinese warplanes and 7 naval vessels near the island. China has increased military pressure on Taiwan, raising regional security concerns. The situation has escalated due to Taiwan’s plans to acquire military drones, according to China’s defense ministry.

Thailand to offer Indian, Taiwanese tourists visa-free entry

Thailand is launching a six-month trial, offering visa-free entry to Indian and Taiwanese tourists for up to 30 days. This move aims to revitalize the struggling tourism sector, which contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. The government hopes to attract 1.4 million additional visitors, generating US$1.5 billion in income.