World Bank offers prop for Sri Lanka’s stressed banks

Sri Lanka gets US$150 million from the World Bank to safeguard small savers amid a financial crisis following a currency plunge and government default. Stabilization follows a US$2.9 billion IMF bailout, with a delayed installment due to ongoing debt restructuring.

IMF and Sri Lanka reach agreement for US$330m disbursal

The IMF reached an agreement with Sri Lanka to disburse the second tranche of a US$3 billion loan, subject to executive board approval, as the country strives to recover from its economic crisis. Despite progress, full economic recovery remains uncertain.

Sri Lankan woman finds a human toe in chocolate bought at hospital canteen

Recently, a fragment of human finger emerged in a chocolate piece. Fruit’n’Nut chocolate from Mahiyanganaya Base Hospital’s canteen in Sri Lanka contained the unusual addition, reported by a female staff member. Public Health Inspectors confiscated related chocolates, suspecting local manufacturer involvement. A tweeted video, reposted for 1M views, revealed the incident, evoking shock and morbid humor online. Netizens questioned origin, demanded the brand’s identity, and speculated on ingestion of other body parts. Some mistook it for tamarind or a cockroach, while others jokingly referenced Hannibal Lecter.