North Korea sends troops to rebuild border guard posts: Seoul

North Korea rebuilds border guard posts after South Korea suspends a 2018 agreement due to tensions from North’s spy satellite launch. Seoul deploys surveillance in response, escalating concerns over North Korea’s weapons development.

S. Korea court rules in favour of victims of wartime sexual slavery

South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 16 women for wartime sexual slavery, overturning a 2021 ruling. Each victim is awarded 200 million won. Tensions persist between Seoul and Tokyo over historical issues. Japan denies direct responsibility, citing civilian recruitment and commercial military brothels.

S. Korea warns N. Korea to scrap spy satellite launch plans

South Korea warns North Korea to halt spy satellite launch preparations, threatening “necessary measures.” Concerns arise over the overlap between space launches and ballistic missiles. Tensions escalate amid North Korea’s persistent weapons tests.

AI threatens millions of South Korean jobs, central bank says

A Bank of Korea study warns that almost four million jobs in South Korea could be replaced by AI in the next two decades, with high-income professionals at greater risk. While AI creates new opportunities, job transitions may pose challenges for workers, especially in concentrated fields.

19 South Koreans held captive in Myanmar rescued: Seoul

Nineteen South Koreans, held captive in Myanmar near the Thai border by an “illegal company,” were successfully rescued. The operation followed a special travel advisory due to concerns about Koreans coerced into criminal activities in the Golden Triangle region.

South Korean advocate for school bullying survivors dies

Pyo Ye-rim, a prominent advocate for the legal rights of school bullying survivors in South Korea, passed away in an apparent suicide at the age of 27. She sought changes to legislation addressing bullying survivors’ rights.