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ICA foils attempt to smuggle replica guns into Singapore

On 14 June 2024, ICA officers at Pasir Panjang foiled an attempt to smuggle 10 replica guns into Singapore, hidden in a cargo consignment. The case is under police investigation.



On 14 June 2024, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at Pasir Panjang Scanning Station thwarted an attempt to smuggle ten assorted replica guns into Singapore, concealed within a consignment of assorted cargo.

During routine checks, ICA officers detected anomalies in the scanned images of an inbound cargo container. Suspecting foul play, they directed the container for further examination. Upon unstuffing, officers uncovered ten assorted replica guns hidden within the shipment.

The case has been referred to the Singapore Police Force for further investigation, which is currently ongoing.

In a statement, ICA reiterated its commitment to balancing the security of Singapore’s borders with the facilitation of safe trade and travel. “As Guardians of Our Borders, ICA strikes a fine balance between keeping our border secure and facilitating safe trade and travel,” the agency stated.

Importing replica guns into Singapore without the proper license is an offence under the Arms and Explosives Act. Offenders can face imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years and a fine not exceeding S$5,000.

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Look like water gun to me lor … So plastic


Last edited 1 day ago by Blankslate

I think it’s a good thing ICA done.
Imho Don’t even buy toy guns for children to play police & thief.
It’s not a smart thing.
A relative once was detained for few hours of questioning when he returned home at changi airport …
He bot 2 toy guns from overseas for his son. .this happened some decades ago…
So it’s not a new thing…

If these are replicas, I did say they are badly replicated. I can see at least one of them is a electrical water piston and don’t think any of them are even bb guns.

How about CONFISCATING, NULLIFYING PAP Administration’s fatal weapons to attack, to maim citizens freedoms of many things, end result retarding Singaporeans legal recourses of avenues to seek justice against society illegal laws.

POFMA is technically an illegal weapon for eg. It destroys legitimate voices of reasons.

POFMA obstruct, damage honest discussion BUT PERMIT other versions of LIES and OBFUSCATIONS.