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Labour wins UK election, ending 14 years of conservative rule

Labour has won the UK election, unseating the Conservatives after 14 years. Keir Starmer is set to become Prime Minister with Labour achieving its second-largest majority. The Conservatives is set to suffer their worst performance since the party’s founding.



The UK’s opposition Labour Party has officially won a significant parliamentary majority in the general election, unseating the incumbent Conservatives after 14 years. Early projections indicate that Labour has achieved its second-largest majority, following former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s 179-seat majority in 1997.

The nationwide result is expected to be declared early Friday, with Keir Starmer set to become the country’s next prime minister.

In comments overnight, Starmer stated, “Tonight people here and around the country have spoken. And they’re ready for change.” Millions of voters across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland cast their ballots on Thursday for their local representatives in the 650-member House of Commons. Constituencies are announcing their winning candidates as votes are tallied.

Speaking from his London constituency after retaining his parliamentary seat, Starmer emphasized that voters had sent a clear message to end “the politics of performance” and return to “politics as public service.”

Today’s Labour leaders present themselves not as socialist firebrands but as sensible managers, with a focus on wealth creation, affordable housing, and bolstering the National Health Service.

Starmer and his team have promised to be prudent stewards of the treasury amid stretched public finances and soaring government debt, hinting at potential tax increases.

The mood in Britain remains skeptical of politicians and their promises, with voters feeling a sense of disillusionment.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has led the Conservatives since October 2022, managed to retain his seat in Richmond and Northallerton, winning 47.5% of the votes. However, this represented a decline of over 15% from the previous election. Labour’s Tom Wilson garnered 22.4% of the vote, placing second.

The election results so far indicates the worst performance for the Conservatives since the party’s founding, highlighting a significant shift in the UK’s political landscape. Labour’s victory signals a desire for change and a new direction for the country.

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Yes, Labour Party in UK is like Workers Party in Singapore. Let’s give Workers Party a landslide like Labour Party this time.

UK will be screwed.
More open immigration for the Islamists.
Tommy Robinson LONDONISTAN islamophobia can only get worse.

If Starmer’s FIRST offical act is to jet off to Kiev and pledge support for Ukraine “for as long as it takes” (just like what Sunak did), then the UK’s people are SCREWED.


Last edited 6 days ago by Blankslate

In SG, the opp parties will do their part…but we sgs must do our part too, by supporting them …
Improvements cant just materialise out of thin air.

Ops should be all the mega stars … Not all stars are the same. No?!?

I am sure this PM is align with all the stars while some align with war …