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Who is paying for the new community shuttle bus service with PAP MPs faces printed on them?

Residents of Marine Parade GRC, MacPherson SMC, and Mountbatten SMC will soon benefit from a free shuttle bus service. However, questions have arisen about its funding. Workers’ Party’s Yee Jenn Jong questioned the financial transparency, noting the shuttle buses prominently feature images of the MPs, raising concerns about the use of public money for political campaigning.



Residents of Marine Parade GRC, MacPherson SMC, and Mountbatten SMC will soon benefit from a new free shuttle bus service, aimed at enhancing local connectivity by providing access to key amenities such as polyclinics, hawker centres, and MRT stations.

This initiative, announced jointly by the South East Community Development Council (CDC) and the People’s Association (PA) on Sunday, 30 June, marks Singapore’s first cluster-wide community shuttle bus service.

Registration for the shuttle bus service began on Sunday, with operations scheduled to commence on 8 July as part of a one-year pilot project.

The service will run on weekdays from 10am to 4pm, excluding public holidays. Buses will operate every 45 minutes to an hour, each accommodating up to 22 passengers. The routes were developed through resident engagement sessions, including the recent Forward Singapore exercise.

The South East CDC and PA anticipate significant demand for the service, projecting over half a million rides during the pilot year. This initiative aims to address the needs of residents, particularly the elderly, who have found it challenging to access essential services despite Singapore’s efficient overall connectivity.

Ms Choo Pei Ling, purportedly the new candidate from the People’s Action Party to replace former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin in the upcoming General Election, appeared at the launch on Sunday, together with the current MPs for the GRC and two SMCs.

Marine Parade MP and Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Edwin Tong emphasized the service’s role in enhancing last-mile connectivity.

“The Marine Parade cluster, like the rest of Singapore, has an ageing population. While the overall connectivity to the island is efficient, some residents have shared that they are finding it harder to close the distance to these key amenities,” he said in a Facebook post.

Fellow Marine Parade MP and Manpower Minister Tan See Leng highlighted the service’s potential to boost local businesses and improve access to essential services. He noted that the seven routes are designed to facilitate easy transfers between overlapping routes, enhancing connectivity within the cluster.

The shuttle buses feature photos of the MPs from the ruling party representing Marine Parade GRC, Mountbatten SMC, and MacPherson SMC.

Question of funding for the “free shuttles”

The new service has sparked discussions about public transport and funding policies. Workers’ Party former NCMP Yee Jenn Jong expressed curiosity about the initiative’s implications on his Facebook page on 2 July.

He questioned the funding source for the service and whether it should be integrated into the public transport funding mechanism.

“Singaporeans have often been told there is NO free lunch. Someone pays. Who is paying for the services? PA and CDC? Or the MPs (whose images are on the buses)?” wrote Yee. He further questioned, “If there is a need for the services or other gaps in connectivity, then shouldn’t it come under the public transport funding mechanism?”

Yee also raised concerns about the sustainability of the service, drawing parallels to a similar but short-lived initiative in Tampines in 2016.

He noted, “This is not the first time a community had tried improving connectivity on its own. Tampines tried it in 2016, initiated by its then MP. The difference though, was that it was a private initiative with a fare of $1 to ply between HDB neighborhoods and the Tampines Round Market. The initiative did not last long.”

Mr Yee, who previously contested in Marine Parade GRC after his near-win in Joo Chiat SMC in 2011, also commented on the new service’s operational transparency and neutrality.

“Why restrict to only Marine Parade residents for free usage, if indeed it is paid from the national funds? Do the PA and CDC need more manpower for their own internal operations for this? Good as the intent may be, is it sustainable?”

Gutzy’s cursory search on the GeBiz portal found no tenders awarded for the shuttle service, either by PA or CDC, leaving it unclear who contracted and is paying for the service.

This lack of transparency raises further questions about whether public money is being used for political campaigning, as the buses prominently feature images of the MPs.

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It was reported on 1st April …
the bus service cost is from their own pockets

” Marine Parade GRC, MacPherson SMC, and Mountbatten SMC”‘s residents benefit from this free transport. Did any of the other PAP’s MPs from other GRCs and SMCs ask CDC and PA why their constituencies do not have this? Didn’t the other MPs asked why those constituencies were special?

Tin Pei Ling, has said that the cost is shared between CDC and PA. Both are funded by taxpayers. So how can there be pictures PAP Members on the bus? Please repaint the bus. This service has to be offered in all estates. It is unfair just to have it in Marine Parade.

Hopefully after the trial period , this service willbe extended to all wards in SG. …after all its a service for the ill and needy .


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Anyway SG have THREE overlords / bodies.
Receiving your 850 tells you which bodies you are in

1) govt realm direct credit to bank
2) corp/celebs PAY NOW under Yang
3) Oppo go to OCBC to withdraw urself
4) akan datang …


What do you think?

The ruling government came with all sorts of money-wasting programs after raising GST from 7% to 9%. It seems like they never had revenue problem to begin with, just a spending problem.

As I said before, government expenditure will always expand to use up all available funds. It’s not that “Money No Enough,” there is simply no way to hold the ruling government accountable for wasteful spending.


Last edited 9 days ago by Blankslate

Maybe the G putting to good use the confiscated 3Bn laundered funds.

Last edited 9 days ago by ganeshshk

Our tax payers money!!!!!!!!


Last edited 9 days ago by Blankslate

Reminds me of the practice in Malaysia where pictures of politicians are regularly featured on whatever products these politicians give out to their constituents; usually near a GE. Such products may include a bag of rice and other commodities.

In my opinion, the act of having photos of the Marine Parade MPs featured on the buses is very crass; so very low class and demeaning.

And let us wait to see how they are going to spin regarding the sponsorship of this free shuttle service.

In my humble opinion, this could be the possible scenario: They received feedback during their residents engagement sessions after which the MPs came up with this noble free shuttle bus idea to be funded by the MPs themselves let’s assume $1 million. They applied for a $2 million government grant for this project which was also approved. Due to the exclusivity clause and non disclosure clause from this government grant, they cannot tell how this project was funded. As there is a $1 million surplus after deducting the cost from the grant, they spend the surplus $1 million by putting… Read more »

Time for these MP’s to take the MRT train on Saturdays and Sundays and see how many foreigners are packing the trains. tsk tsk tsk

pineapple loves are sure happy. LOL

I don’t know what to say! – Ring Tin Tin TPL


If running free communal bus services, it has to be fair to serve all constituencies, not just a few atas locations and no political motives please. It’s getting out of hand.

It’s like only these elites can do as they want and bend the laws to their liking while viciously striking the opponents, below the belts

Last edited 9 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

Why’s even asking this daft dopey question , … and why’s now !!!

Didn’t ask whose paying for the PA, the President, the Mayors, the MiniMinisters, the ExPmMinisters, the ShitTimes and so on and so on, … … and so, why ask now !!!

What a dumb question. Who else pay for things? Who pay their salary?
Of course you and me lah! They only authorize all these expenses from our monies because GE coming so must show some kind of improvement and carry citizens balls. After we put them back in power, they go into hibernation again. Or if we don’t put them back in power, they’ll find some masak masak way of reconstructing the system like snake and ladder but everything leads only upwards for them.
You can’t cure this disease.

Desperate situation needs desperate and untenable measures to resolved.Pappy is really running out of good ideas to shore up their sliding support from those really uncomfortable Singaporean voters.Let’s see how many more GRCs including the vulnerable Marine Parade GRC, Pappies will loose in the coming GE.

Certainly it’s Singaporeans MONEY. How do PAP Administration obtain money to serve residents TRANSPORT NEEDS?

When was asked to CUT SALARIES, the PAP Administration WON’T DO IT? How then do the PAP Administration MIS USE CORRUPTED MONEY to pay to serve Marine Parade people ONLY.

It only mean ministry of transport(MOT) failed, MRT and buses like SBS Transit failed to provide good transport, now mps in GRC have to do their job. Singapore transport companies which focus on profit and bottom line making Singaporeans traveling slow. I suggest before to provide bus services without stopping in between from north node(Woodlands) to south node(city), West to East, Northwest to Southeast and so on but I was rejected. Many Singaporeans travel regionally instead of long travel like east to west because of cost, time and inconvenience. Fast, cheap and good transport allow interaction and boost GDP growth… Read more »

It should be paid from the PAP coffers. So will the PAP Secretary General confirm this please.


So obvious…they need to resort to such “advertising” to sell the party…so cheap.
No more able to show by their deeds and merits alone …
Taxpayers are footing the bill…

Hmm…. Edwin Dong and gang get free advertising.

How? Pinky should call them free riders, right?

The political abusing is paramount, However said, is for the breed of Singaporeans to decide their fate.