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Singapore’s electricity and gas tariffs to rise for next three months

From 1 July to 30 September, SP Group’s electricity tariffs will rise by 0.3%, reaching 29.88 cents per kWh before GST. City Energy’s town gas tariffs will also rise, reaching 23.42 cents per kWh before GST.



SINGAPORE: Starting from 1 July to 30 September, electricity tariffs for households supplied by grid operator SP Group will see a slight increase.

According to a statement released by the group on 28 June, there will be a 0.3 percent rise in electricity tariffs compared to the previous quarter.

Households will face a new tariff of 29.88 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) before goods and services tax (GST), up from the current 29.79 cents per kWh.

With the new rates, the average monthly electricity bill for families living in four-room Housing Board flats is expected to increase by 35 cents before GST, moving from $118.03 to $118.38.

SP Group attributed this hike to an increase in energy costs, which have risen by 0.09 cents per kWh on average. These costs, which are paid to power generation companies, are adjusted quarterly to reflect fluctuations in the cost of fuel and power generation.

In a separate announcement on 28 June, City Energy, the producer and retailer of piped gas, stated that town gas tariffs would also rise by 0.30 cents per kWh over the same period due to higher costs. This change means households will now pay 23.42 cents per kWh before GST, an increase from the previous 23.12 cents per kWh. With GST, the revised gas tariff amounts to 25.53 cents per kWh. The Energy Market Authority has approved these revised gas tariffs.

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Usual papee BS,it always has been what goes up never come down!!!!??


Last edited 9 days ago by Blankslate

Definitely increase or else how to upkeep an expensive government + mayors?
PAP is as always Pay And Pay when it comes to citizens but Pretend And Pocket when it comes to their elites.

Yah, dun need MPS cos most can’t solve the job problem. Cut cost remove all Mps post. Just employ town councils to take charge of each areas. So dun need to vote.

1) Hardly ever see your mps
2) can’t solve the job woes
3) everything all increasing
4) play political games on citizens

So cut cost … Remove all Mps post. The nation still can function. No?!?

The CLASSIC INSANITY of this recalcitrant PAP Administration shows Glaringly yet 6 million Singapore Sheeps Still Belive in the PAP – increasing THEIR MONEY COLLECTION as a Rip Off of Singaporeans, how is this if we’re to happen in other countries? PAP Administration will BE KICK OUT in a mass national strike in NO TIME.


Last edited 9 days ago by Blankslate

Every year they make record profits.
Surely all of them from tarif hikes.

So no one dare to voice against this increase bcz previously when population opined against transport fare increase WERE THREATENED to expect delays, buses breakdowns, poor services.

So now citizens HAVE TO SQUEEZE BALLS, gird their teeth, courtesy of PAP Administration bcz threats to cut off water supply, terminate electricity looms large like what they threatened on transport.

This is just the beginning. 10 years later when you look back, you will see how cheap today’s energy price will be. When the carbon tax system fully sets in, only SGrean who are trapped on this island state will continue to have ‘no choice’. When you have the choice infront of the polling box, will you be courageous to make a change, or will you choose the path and complain later?

In our lifetime, most of us may have 10~12x chances to vote in GE. That’s not a lot chances to waste and regret.

When the PAP flushed the economy with Millions of Dollars of money : 2 things GUARANTEE to occur – 1. Supply of money in the system creates VALUE of money to drop (think, what happens when say 10 workers fighting for one job, vz 2 workers fighting for 1 job) OR if 4 series of Taylor Swift shows in a year or 1 series of her show in a year – will ticket prices stay high OR Fall? 2. Will more money in the system pander around, will CONSUMERS SAVE or Spend Money? More money to SPEND. CAUSES MORE inflation.… Read more »

Papee unashamedly Minting more $$$!!!

After $300 CDC vouchers are released. After giving a chicken leg, take back the entire chicken.

Now your CDC vouchers will buy even fewer goods and services, even after subtracting for 9% GST.

What else? … profit at all cost!
PAP style..
Water price increase soon too…never fails.

Last edited 12 days ago by W.A.J.

Within expectations, even $0.05 for plastic bags is payable, don’t expect not to pay for this.

Prices up and up PAP, pay and pay PAP, that’s a lot of P..ees.

So much of monies collected from property sales in Stamp fees and ABSD. Property tax was also increases. GST was also increased. WHERE ARE ALL THE MONIES? Now another increase. It is absurd to say that the population increase was to even out the increase in price. Governance proven wrong repeatedly but doing no u-turns. We have an extremely bad marriage with the ruling party. We need an urgent divorce or we will all go mad.

We all knew it was coming…our share to pay for that oil spill cleanup expenses.????
After this transport , ie mrt & bus, taxi fare increase…followed up by TC fees ….etc etc etc..
Where is their compassion in times like this?
People need to use more electricity for aircons and fans to keep cool duringl this heatwave..
Yet they raise the tariffs.
Very cruel right…
Demand and supply..
Higher demand , prices goes up..
Is that what this is..