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Organizers of ‘Demo Rakyat Lawan Anwar’ to proceed with rally despite permission denial

Despite permission denial by Putrajaya Corporation, organizers of ‘Demo Rakyat Lawan Anwar’ insist on proceeding with their rally. The event aims to address economic grievances and advocate policy changes including lower fuel prices and freedom of expression.



demo rakyat lawan anwar
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MALAYSIA: A planned rally titled ‘Demo Rakyat Lawan Anwar,’ set to take place in Putrajaya this Saturday evening (29 June), has not received permission from the Putrajaya Corporation (PPj), the owner of the proposed rally location.

According to the Demi Negara TV TikTok page, the rally was called in response to increasing dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s policies.

Organizers claim that Anwar’s actions have exacerbated problems for the Malaysian people.

In a video circulating on social media, rally organizers urged Malaysians to join the demonstration, citing worsening conditions since Anwar assumed office 18 months ago.

They referenced a UNICEF study, “Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan,” which reported that one in two children from low-income families in Kuala Lumpur are eating fewer than three meals a day.

Additionally, the removal of the diesel subsidy and concerns about the potential removal of the RON95 subsidy were highlighted as major grievances.

“Please share this video if you are fed up with Anwar Ibrahim’s actions that are ruining the country and causing trouble for the people,” the video states.

The organizers plan to gather at the parking lot on P10/8 street in front of Anwar’s official residence, the Seri Perdana complex, from 4 to 7 pm on Saturday, inviting participants to wear black shirts as a sign of protest.


DEMO RAKYAT LAWAN ANWAR SABTU 29 JUN 2024 DI PUTRAJAYA (di bawah Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2012) #perikatannasional #kerajaanperpaduan #anwaribrahim #barisannasional #pru15 #pakatanharapan

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Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Datuk Rusdi Mohd Isa announced that the police had advised the organizers to cancel the rally, citing the lack of permission from the landowner and the unsuitability of the location for such a gathering.

Rusdi disclosed that 85 police reports had been filed concerning the planned rally, following a viral video inviting people to join.

“The police have opened an investigation under Section 505 (b) of the Penal Code and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998,” he stated at a press conference at the Brickfields District Police Headquarters.

Rusdi urged the public to refrain from participating in any assembly that does not comply with the Peaceful Assembly Act (APA) 2012.

“If the organizers proceed with the rally, the police will deploy officers and members to monitor the situation and may establish roadblocks and increase surveillance in the area,” he warned.

Rusdi emphasized that while APA 2012 grants the right to assemble, it does not permit gatherings at any location without consideration for safety and order.

Organizers plan to proceed with ‘Demo Rakyat Lawan Anwar’ rally in Putrajaya

Despite police advisory, the organizers plan to proceed with the rally scheduled for this Saturday in Putrajaya.

Aidil Yunus, Head of the Movement for the Nation, asserted their right to assemble under APA 2012.

The rally, set for 4:30 pm, aims to demand Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim address the people’s hardships.

“This gathering represents those suffering from the high cost of living. We plan to present eight demands, including lowering diesel prices, not increasing the price of RON95 and gas, restoring the local rice supply without price hikes, and defending rice farmers. We also demand freedom of expression and a halt to IMF policies,” Aidil stated.

He estimated that around 600 people would participate, with security managed by the All-Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS) Charity Unit.

“The assembly will be peaceful, but we will remain vigilant. The PAS Charity Unit will control the rally and hand over any troublemakers to the police,” he said.

Legal Adviser Rafique Rashid Ali appealed to authorities to allow the assembly to proceed peacefully at the Sri Perdana Complex parking lot in Putrajaya.

He emphasized that the gathering, comprising members from various political backgrounds, is solely to defend the people facing hardship.

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