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Construction worker killed and another injured at Johor Bahru-Singapore RTS Link worksite

A construction worker was killed and another injured on 27 June at the Johor Bahru-Singapore RTS Link station worksite in Woodlands North. Steel reinforcement bars fell on the workers, causing the accident. Preliminary police investigations do not suspect foul play.



SINGAPORE: A construction worker was killed and another injured in an accident on 27 June at the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link station worksite in Woodlands North.

The incident occurred around 9.30am when steel reinforcement bars, being installed for the station’s foundation, fell on the workers.

The injured men, aged 48 and 49, were rushed to the hospital, where the younger worker later succumbed to his injuries.

Preliminary police investigations do not suspect foul play.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) reported that the steel bars had swayed before falling, and a safety timeout has been called to review and enhance safety procedures.

LTA expressed its commitment to safety, stating, “We take a serious view of safety incidents.”

The authority is collaborating with the main contractor, Japanese firm Penta-Ocean Construction, and subcontractor Interno Engineering, to assist the deceased worker’s family.

This marks the third death at an LTA worksite in the past seven months.

Penta-Ocean was awarded the $932.8 million contract in 2020 to build the RTS Link station in Woodlands North.

The contract also includes constructing rail tunnels for the 4km cross-border link and a Customs, Immigration and Quarantine building in Woodlands North. Construction on the Singapore side began in 2021, surpassed the two-thirds completion mark in January 2024, and is slated to finish by December.

Passenger service is expected to commence by the end of 2026.

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Last edited 13 days ago by Blankslate

Life so heap aah!!! More&more workers are dying at worksites & what is the CLB MOM doing,busy concocting excuses & opportioning blame????

A worker dies and he is not named. Why? Is his life with so little value?

Now our construction almost all done by third-world workers. The monkeys are very happy that our safety record is second-world standards, not third-world standards.

How about the 6 Hep Patients died whilst under the care of Medical staff in Singapore.

SG Govt Service = PAP Administration?

Worst of all, was the SG Medical services INSTRUCTED by their Political Masters to keep SECRET before GE?

Then should the PAP Administration blameable or the Govt Medical Service of SG takes the blame for the DEATHS of INNOCENT PATIENTS – horrific. Horrific.

Last edited 16 days ago by 80twenty

Any one death is one too many…

In SG, the standard default TEMPLATE is a National NO BLAME CULTURE when the PAP Administration takes the National Lead to Absolve any blame for their mistakes, always preferred option is FINGER at others, AND things tangible and intangible.

The MASSIVE LOST of Citizens money wasn’t the people working on MAS’s fault because AI robots are the ones executing money trades.

This is the advance AI operative in SG.

This incident makes me recall the time I witnessed the steel rebar for one of piers of the Jurong Regional Line near Boon Lay station slant diagonally. Nobody probably knows it happened (except for the pictures I took of course) because nobody was likely injured.

But it does make question the quality of recent infrastructure projects. Cheapest of three tenders isn’t exactly working out favourably, now is it?