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Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning’ faces backlash for controversial anti-Arab depiction in opening scene

Netflix’s action film”Trigger Warning,” starring Jessica Alba, faces backlash for its opening scene, accused of perpetuating anti-Arab and anti-Muslim stereotypes. Viewers drew parallels with the Nuseirat massacre in central Gaza in early June, leading to calls for a boycott and criticism of Hollywood’s portrayal of Arabs and Muslims.



Netflix's 'Trigger Warning' faces backlash for controversial anti-Arab depiction in opening scene

The recently released Netflix action film “Trigger Warning,” starring Jessica Alba, has sparked significant backlash on social media for its opening scene.

The film, which was released on 21 June, follows Parker (Alba), a special forces commando called back to the United States after her father’s death in an apparent accident.

Parker embarks on an investigation to uncover the truth behind his death.

In the first few minutes of the film, viewers are presented with a scene set in the Syrian desert.

Men wearing scarves open fire on an aid truck bearing the “American Relief Organization” logo.

In response, shooters in combat outfits and brown keffiyeh scarves engage the attackers, who are labelled “terrorists” in the subtitles, killing some and alerting others.

This portrayal has sparked outrage among viewers, who accuse the filmmakers of perpetuating anti-Arab and anti-Muslim stereotypes and normalizing the killing of Arabs.

One user on X (formerly Twitter) wrote, “After all the bombing, killing, & terrorizing that the US inflicts on the Middle East, you still have the audacity to feature Arabs as terrorists?! Shame on your racism!”

Academic Hatem Bazian criticized the film, saying, “Islamophobia and Orientalism are so baked into Hollywood and media productions, which is the oxygen that loads the bullets in guns and bombs to be dropped in real life on innocent Arabs and Muslims across the globe. We live in an Islamophobic social imaginary that makes racist films like this a standard for how Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims are represented.”

The scene draws parallels with Nuseirat massacre

Several users drew parallels between the film’s opening scene and the recent Nuseirat massacre, where Israeli forces attacked the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza in early June during a rescue operation to free four Israeli captives.

The attack resulted in over 270 Palestinian deaths and more than 600 injuries.

Allegations surfaced that Israeli forces had used humanitarian aid trucks as a cover for the operation, a tactic referred to as “humanitarian camouflage” by Francesca Albanese, the UN’s special rapporteur on the human rights situation in the West Bank and Gaza.

The similarities between the movie and real-life events have led to further criticism.

One X user commented, “Netflix just produced and released a new rubbish film where the opening scene is of Americans disguised as aid workers using aid trucks to attack and kill ‘Arab terrorists’ wearing Palestinian keffiyeh.”

“If it sounds familiar, it’s because it effing is – and it is intentional.”

One user commented, noting that while the film wasn’t made recently, its release just two weeks after the Nuseirat massacre, where Israeli forces allegedly hid in aid trucks to kill over 200 people, is appalling.

Many called for a boycott of the film, pointing out that the scarves worn in the film resemble the keffiyeh, a traditional headdress worn by Arab men.

The keffiyeh is widely recognized as a symbol of solidarity and support for Palestinians, symbolizing global solidarity in their struggle against Israeli occupation.



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For once a film where the title is accurate.

Just look at how many fragile snowflakes were triggered.

It’s a movie FFS….don’t watch it if you don’t like it.

Well the elite daughters and sons are hiding there … No?!?

Islamophobia narrative as usual Surah verse 2:98 – Allah is the enemy of non-Muslims! Surah verse 8:12 – Allah will instill fear in the hearts of those who disbelieve Islam, and Muslims, you cut their limbs by hitting their necks! Surah verse 3:118- Make only Muslims your intimate friend! Sura verse 3:28 and 9:23 – Do not make friends with non-Muslims! Sura verse 8:39 fight non-Muslims until the faith of Allah is fully established! Sura verse 9:5 – Ambush and kill the idolaters wherever and whenever you can! Sura verse 33:61- Wherever the faithful and idolaters are caught, they will… Read more »

Film’s entitled “Trigger Warning”, … whilst here on gutzy, we have our very own version of “Triggered” !!!

Any surprise that the mind conditioning by the Americans is so successful that many on the thread support the Zionist murder and massacre of a civilian population. Even the Leftist Jews are protesting against the Zionist but here the unconditional loyalty to the Zionist is openly displayed by many.

Racist, bigoted “All-Arabs-deserve-it” comments in 3,..2,…1,…