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PAP MP Tin Pei Ling leaves DCS Card Centre, joins MetaComp as co-president

PAP MP Tin Pei Ling steps down as managing director of fintech firm DCS Card Centre after nine months. She now joins MetaComp as co-president, a digital payment token service provider in Singapore.



SINGAPORE: Tin Pei Ling, People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament for Macpherson SMC, has announced her departure as managing director of the fintech company DCS Card Centre.

She spent nine months with the company before leaving.

MetaComp, Singapore’s digital payment token service provider, has appointed the 40-year-old politician as its co-president.

MsTin shared the news of her career change on Monday (24 June) via LinkedIn.

In her new role, she will focus on driving strategic partnerships and corporate development, particularly in green fintech, in response to the critical global imperative of sustainability.

She expressed eagerness to contribute to sustainable finance by bridging traditional finance and digital assets, collaborating with Chairman & Co-Founder Dr Bo Bai (白波博士) and fellow Co-President Mr. Eddie Hui.

“I look forward to being part of this innovative ecosystem and contributing to a sustainable future,” Ms Tin wrote.

MetaComp operates under MetaVerse Green Exchange (MVGX) Holdings, a licensed tech group in Singapore, alongside its subsidiaries MVGX, MVGX TECH, and Asia Green Fund (AGF).

The firm is a major payment institution offering digital payment token services and cross-border money transfer services.

In a separate post, MetaComp has warmly welcomed Ms Tin aboard, announcing her new role effective from 24 June.

The statement added that she will focus on enhancing strategic partnerships and corporate development to propel MetaComp forward as a leader in integrating traditional and crypto finance.

“In today’s bustling fintech space, MetaComp is at the forefront of driving financial solutions that help our customers navigate money management between traditional finance and crypto finance,” says Dr Bai.

He highlighted Tin’s extensive experience in strategic development, emphasizing her value as a key addition to MetaComp’s leadership team.

“Her vision and drive perfectly align with our aspirations at MetaComp, and I am confident she will significantly contribute to our continued success,” adds Dr Bai.

Ms Tin’s previous job role at Grab sparked public scrutiny

Ms Tin assumed her latest role at DCS Card Centre in October of last year.

As managing director, her responsibilities included fostering strategic partnerships and spearheading future market expansion.

Reflecting on her tenure at DCS, she expressed deep appreciation for the strong support and invaluable guidance from Chairman Charles and CEO Karen, stating, “I am grateful for the enriching experiences I have had with the team.”

Before her role at DCS, Ms Tin’s appointment at Grab in February 2023 sparked criticism over potential conflicts of interest due to her role as an MP.

This decision was said to be largely influenced by her comprehensive grasp of the digital economy and smart nation policy from a grassroots perspective, as well as her strong connections with the local community.

However, shortly after that, she was redeployed to a different department by Grab Singapore due to public opinion over potential conflicts of interest that could arise from her dual roles as an MP and as the Director of Public Affairs and Policy at Grab.

She said she had informed the PAP in mid-2022 about her potential employment at Grab, formally notifying them of her appointment in September 2022 without objection.

“I understand and have long come to accept the public scrutiny that comes with being an MP. But I would never want it to hinder my ability to serve my constituents well as MP, or to do my job at Grab effectively. And this would be the case if my intentions and actions in the future are always called into doubt, whether justified or not.”

In August 2023, Ms Tin officially stepped down from her position at Grab after serving eight months in the role.

From 2018 to January 2023, Ms Tin was also the Chief Executive Officer at Business China, a Singapore non-profit organisation cultivating Singapore-China relationships and headed by PAP Ministers and MPs

She also spent a year as group director of corporate strategy at Jing King Technology Group, now known as Adera Global from May 2017 to May 2018. The Singapore global company is involved in data security, artificial intelligence and automation.

Tin had spent a couple of years as a full-time MP at Marine Parade GRC after she was elected to Parliament in 2011 and resigned from her job at Ernst and Young.

She has been a MP since 2011, and currently serves as the Chairperson of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Communications & Information, and is a member of the GPC for Culture, Community & Youth.

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The problem is not pappies. The culprits are the free riders and pineapple lovers.

Why do we need part-time MPs again?

Whenever Tin Pei Ling’s face is shown, greed comes to mind. Same as Denise Phua and Amy Khor who have collected huge sums of taxpayers’ monies moonlighting as mayor.

This is what you get for paying high salaries .

This pap woman changes jobs like changing clothes. Wakao! Every job less than a year or two. Like this can get job experience? Her resume must be very long by now….lol. Longer than hsk’s short runway….lol.
Macpherson mp??? LoL.

Such high positions in companies and yet able to leave without any notice period and join a new one? More likely she was asked to leave (again).

Unfortunately, there are too many sucker companies salivating at the prospects of having a a government insider working for their interests that they’re willing to overlook incompetence and have to learn the hard way that it’s not worthwhile.

I give her 9 months at this company. Who’s taking bets?

See the hypocrisy of Lawlanwong – tells us to decouple from 5C chasing yet his own pappies are chasing high-profile careers/jobs (instead of being full-time MP serving the people) and colonial bungalows and entitlement to gratuitous gifts (aka Corruption kickbacks)

Lawlanwong can be a role model for what he is seemingly advocating by being the first to volunteer HALVING his salary, going public to say see, money is not everything, we dun need excessive money to be happy and caring and win votes, etc.

Only can blame pineapple lovers and no one else.

I think Lawrence Wrong is WRONG not to tell her that she should look for success that goes beyond traditional academic and material achievements.

I got skills but no future………
While others got no skills but got future. What do you think?
Do I still need to take Skill Futures. LOL

I got skills but no future………
While others got no skills but got future. What do you think?
Do I still need to take Skill Futures. LOL


Last edited 5 days ago by Blankslate

nice article

I got skills but no future

While others got no skills but got future. What do you think?

Do I still need to take Skill Futures. LOL

Wonder what she knows about Tech.
Marketing Face, making $$$$.
Lobang Country with Lobang Politics.

Wow! Is it due to the connections or being in the higher hierarchy of the political position that she can land almost any job at her calling?

No conflict of interest this time?

Is the company founded by malaysia-born people?

not bad. Only unique Singapore has such privileges. What do you think pineapple lovers?

This is called jobs hopping?

So brilliant she is, huh?
One plumb paying job after another…

NS men cannot moonlight, gahmen servants cannot moonlight. But PAP bloodsucker can…very strange practices.
Hold portfolio here and there collect big money left and right. Next life I wanna be born a PAP MP.

Probably believes she needs to be extended, challenged and kay~kiang in multiple roles in varying industries whilst serving the nation, … all at the same time and fortunately, for now, in the same time zone !!!

Utilising the party, her position as an MP, support of the inhabitants of her constituency and the government, … as her stepping stone and platform !!!

Rather fortunate to have an understanding PM, government and nation, … until her next fancy/ies, .. in addition to all of thee above !!! !!!

95% jobs go to foreigners in 2023? Should MP’s work full time? Should MP’s hold directorships in private companies? Any conflict of interests? What do you think?

I dunno wat to say!!

Job-hopping queen