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High ministerial pay: A persistent question in the hearts of ordinary citizens

A letter writer shares his thoughts: opinions on ministerial salaries, much higher than those of foreign leaders, vary based on individual values and beliefs. The justification and sufficiency of these salaries remain a debatable subject among ordinary people.



by Teo Kueh Liang

I refer to The Gutzy Asia’s opinion, “Will PM Wong address Singapore’s astronomical ministerial salaries? asks former ISD director” (June 13).

It has always been a controversial topic which concerns about our top political leaders who receive their salaries that are many times higher than those foreign political leaders.

Our former prime ministers, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong, argued in the parliament that our political officeholders must be paid a salary pegged to or matched with the salary package of the top CEO of the private corporate world. Otherwise, we can only attract mediocre candidates or no people of high calibre to join politics.

Undoubtedly, the top and influential political leaders have to make hard, rational, and wise decisions on many important policies, and these decisions will definitely be closely related to the future development direction, the future of the country, and the destiny and interests of the people. This reason has already justified that they deserve to draw a high quantum of salary.

However, how much or what figure of the salary for the ministerial political holders is perceived as “justified,” “sufficiently enough,” “not over successive,” or “too low” has always remained an arguable/debatable subject in the hearts of ordinary people.

Even some people argue that by paying a salary package of mediocrity to politicians will create some risks for them to corrupt and lacking of passion, motivation, vision and commitment to serve the people and nation?

Anyway, it is quite subjective too. It all depends upon an individual’s character, basis of morality, values and beliefs as well as capability.

Last but not least, another interesting but perplexed subject is that the total land area of Singapore is approximately 734.3km² as at end December 2022, but it has in total five mayors, each responsible for the CDC in a specific district.

If compared with the city of Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China has only one mayor with a land area of 6340.5 square kilometres. And, each of our mayors is not paid a “peanut”of salary with $660k every year, on top of their annual MP allowance of $192k.

The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of this publication.

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As I have said before in other related topics. LW has to fixed a term of few years for LHL as SM. It’s high time to wish happy retirement for GCT and TCH holding on to the supernumerary posts. After all they can go write books. No????? LW has to show he means to lead the country once again without the excess “fat”. Furthermore, by remaining status quo he only confirms his subjugation to LHL. No country has ever such an arrangement – whereby the elected or appointed PM still needs SMs, ESMs blah blah???? The other thing is LW… Read more »

What kind of salary is LHL drawing now, out of SG taxpayers?
LW must get rid of all these nonsense free riders -real freeloaders!

Let’s do a reality check.

Will our private sector pay even one quarter of what these miws merrily collecting for their mediocre, lack lustre performance and laughing their way to the banks.

Some were caught having extra marital affairs. Some are so greedy to live palatial b&w bungalows tho they own gcb themselves.

Are these inept chaps worth the $m package?

What do you think?

, … then those hearts real~ly need to engage their minds and allow their mouths to speak and scream it all out !!!

And if the ears of this regime can’t or choose not to hear those screams, … strengthen your resolve to oust those contemptible and despicable people, … you call your representatives in parliament !!!

Have anyone read the article written few years back about why in Philippines, politicians compete seriously hard and even kill others in order to rule the country or a particular province even though the salaries to them are very low?

It’s because there are rich resources and big money for lucrative projects that can enrich their own inner circles and clans many times over than that piety compensation.

Don’t be afraid to change.You may lose something good, but you may gain something better 🙏

SGs had been taken for a ride for decades under the PAP.
No thanks to the 70% who kept voting the leeches in .

This G is Bs us to the max. Gone are the days of public service. Now they’re all in it for money eve to the extent of creating positions out of thin air ie Mayors. I hope the citizens open their eyes and see what they’re paying for.
BS to the max.

This is A MAMMOTH PAP Administration RIP OFF.

A Million Dollars Salary For Reserves Money Raiders?

A Million Dollars of Salary for Yes Men?

A Million Dollars of Salary for Ministerial Adulterers?


Uniquely Sheegapore.

Why do we need mayors in the first place. Town Council should be able to do the job.GCT once mentioned that ministers should be paid high salary so that if meet chairman, CEO they do not feel inferior. Really???

What the hell do Mayors of SG do…What is their job?
Skinning taxpayers dry.

Come this election, VOTE FOR A CHANGE! Without any change, we all do not know is it for the better or worse. First of all, it is to reduce all ministers’ and MPs’ salaries. Follow by those high-ranking public servants. this is to lessen the burden on Singapore. Secondly, remove all those redundant posts (laymen called them free-rider posts….lol) like 2nd Minister, DPM, SM, MM, secretary and etc. This can also lessen the burden on Singapore. With lesser burden, I have faith Singapore then can move forward more swiftly. It is that 80+ alibabas in the parliament that holding back… Read more »

Why need to use scapegoats to shield themselves ??? Liars in cahoots.

Tell the citizens they have a stake. Who are they kidding?! If so, why ONLY ELIGIBLE Sgrean have this and that …. According to their rigged budget?!?

This is the biggest scam of the last century in the world and it is still continuing. Public Service is not for everyone. We have had excellent Ministers in the founding fathers who worked in the interest of the State and Citizens. No one would have asked for a million dollar salary. GCT took us for a ride. He couldn’t have done it without LKY. They legalized the $3m salaries by legislation. What did we get it return for the so called brilliant brains? Our National Shipping Lines was sold to an operator who turned it around to make profits… Read more »

Over Rated .

Morever , Loo of Raw .

How ?