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Singapore’s former diplomat referred to prosecutors for alleged filming of male teen at Tokyo public bath

A 55-year-old former counsellor at the Singapore Embassy in Japan was sent to prosecutors on Thursday for filming a junior high school boy in a public bathhouse in Tokyo.



TOKYO, JAPAN: The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Youth Development Division sent a 55-year-old former counsellor at the Singapore Embassy in Japan to prosecutors on Thursday (13 June).

The former counsellor, who has been named by Japanese media as Sim Siong Chye, is accused of filming a junior high school boy in a public bathhouse in Tokyo’s Minato Ward in February, violating laws against filming sexual situations and the anti-child prostitution and pornography law.

According to Japanese media, the police stated that Sim, who completed his diplomatic term and returned to Singapore in April, came back to Japan in June for questioning following a request from authorities.

Sim reportedly admitted to the charges, stating, “I came to speak as a private citizen and reflect. I couldn’t control my desire upon seeing a naked body.”

The police have recommended that prosecutors take appropriate action.

It was earlier reported in May that Sim was caught on 27 February using a smartphone to film a nude 13-year-old male teenager in the changing room of a men’s public bath.

Security footage from the venue captured the former diplomat pointing his phone at other patrons, leading to his identification by an employee.

The incident occurred in Tokyo’s Minato ward, where the Singapore embassy is also located.

It was said that he declined to give his smartphone to the police and, at the request of the student’s parents, deleted the photos he had taken of the boy that night.

Reportedly, the police officer requested the diplomat come to the station voluntarily, but while the diplomat said, “I will answer questions here,” he refused to go.

The police discovered over 700 images on the diplomat’s phone, which he admitted to deleting on the night of the incident.

He reportedly told officers that he regretted his actions and could not explain why he committed them.

Sim was not charged, and he had diplomatic immunity from arrest under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations until his departure from Japan.

The Singapore embassy confirmed with Asahi Shimbun that the diplomat had completed his duty in Tokyo and returned to Singapore on 12 April and said it was not aware of the filming incident until the press reported on it.

It was earlier reported that Japanese police were in talks with the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have the suspect present himself for questioning.

Back in May, MFA stated, “We are aware of the situation and have reached out to Tokyo authorities for further information. MFA expects all its staff to uphold the highest standards of conduct and comply with the laws of host countries.”

Internet sleuths noticed that his name was quietly removed from the MFA’s website following the news of the Japanese police statement.

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A SillyPorean diplomat, was finally named, … … by the Japanese media !!!

Quiet damage control. I’m guessing will be hiding out in Singapore. No more vacations to South Korea, Japan or the US.

Now the question become, is he still employed by the Ministry?

Tour of Duty, went out on A Detour.
Hahaha. Sick Bastards: Maybe ISD & SIB still sucking on PAP, to remain on payroll.
Talus’s going to bang him in Prison, once he gets to do Time.
Vivian must be excited.

How thorough were the checks done on him? In a diplomatic mission, those representing the State must have their social media accounts scrutinized. It may say more of the person than his academic achievements. Multi- Nationals zoom in on social media accounts to check on unacceptable social behaviour before employment is offered. There must be a Public Registry for offenders like Mr. Sim.

What can we say …. LGBTQ.

Today ST reported:
Retired SPF Supt sentenced to jail for groping 2 male NSF in the past. (ST !3/6/24)
It is also reported that the Supt had 170 obscene films in his computers.

What is happening to the island’s higher echelon these days?
Highly paid and too free?