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Israeli troops wreak havoc in Jenin West Bank amid ongoing offensive

Israeli forces raided Jenin on Thursday (13 June), attacking medical teams and bulldozing neighborhoods, causing power outages. The raid follows heightened tensions since an October 2023 Hamas attack, with at least 544 Palestinians killed and over 5,000 injured by Israeli fire in the occupied territory.



Israeli Troops Wreak Havoc in Jenin Amid Ongoing Offensive

In the early hours of Thursday (13 June), Israeli army forces raided the West Bank city of Jenin, eyewitnesses reported.

The incursion marks another episode in the ongoing assault against Jenin and its camp, according to local sources.

WAFA correspondents detailed that the Israeli occupation army declared Jenin camp a closed military zone.

In a move that exacerbated tensions, soldiers attacked medical teams and ambulances, restricting the movement of local residents by preventing them from entering or leaving the area.

Videos circulating on social media depict an Israeli bulldozer operating in the streets, underscoring the extent of the military activity.


During the raid, Israeli soldiers broke into several homes and damaged residents’ parked vehicles.

The forces also targeted fruit and vegetable stalls owned by Palestinian vendors within the camp.

Additionally, Israeli army bulldozers destroyed electricity poles and wires in Jenin refugee camp, causing a power outage.

This raid comes amid heightened tensions across the West Bank, following a deadly military offensive launched by Israel against the Gaza Strip after an attack by the Hamas group on 7 October 2023.

Since then, at least 544 Palestinians have been killed, and over 5,000 others injured by Israeli army fire in the occupied territory, according to the Health Ministry.

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why trolls here blame U.S? Did U.S ask Hamas to attack Israel?

anyone can name a date where and when Israel initiated their 1st terrorist attack?

Remember September 11 (9/11) October 7 (10/7)

Cant find Palestine on the map

Hamas obviously do not care about the Palestinians.

Its only USA who helped the Palestinians by dropping food from the plane.

Latest polls showed that 75% of Palestinians chose Hamas instead of the previous 90%.

So this 75% will be crying for food and protesting as usual

Israel has attacked and seized civilian homes (without asking btw) since 1947. Committed ethnic cleansing in the name of religion.

Imagine some brown-skinned fella turning up at your house on this tiny red dot and saying “God says your house is mine. My great, great, great, great, grandfather was here first. Get lost”.

History did not start on Oct 7 2023.

Did Israel attacked anyone so far ? (lets not waste time with Hamas terrorists) . these terrorists are just liars, and Palestinians are choosing Hamas to rule over them. Palestinians , please stop crying.

Who is Israel attacking that Hamas is self defensing their homes? Is Palestine their original home back in historical times? How did Palestine arrived? Did Romans steal Israel land called Judea ? then rename it to Palestine?

Is Palestine on the map?

If Palestine was originally inhabited by the Israelites and therefore the Israelis can seize whatever settlements they want and chase the Palestinians out, the brown-skinned natives of this entire Malay archipelago can do the same to your homes? What if their scriptures told them to?

And what if you launch an armed resistance and commit violence to defend your homes? Will you be called a terrorist?

who is accepting Palestinians?

Canaanites (Israelites) are the occupiers there for centuries.
Palestinians are migrants.

Palestine has no status! Palestine is not a nation, not a country. That’s is why they are telling the world to recognized them as a state! 

Terrorists have no right to bargain

The Zionists are only increasing debt to their country as the UN Security Council has already declared a ceasefire. It only shows fanatics and extremists who want to continue with the genocide. The ICC will move to get the arrest warrants against Nethanyahu, his defence Minister and Hamas 3 leaders. The Palestinians have succeeded in showing the global community the brutality they have suffered under the Zionists for the past 70 years.

Arab nations banned Al Jazeera news station ? LOL

Surprised . tsk tsk tsk

Latest news: Palestinians still want Hamas to rule. tsk tsk tsk

Later these bigots will start protesting and crying again. LOL

Hamas terrorists told to be given an apartment for kidnapping hostages.

Do you think these terrorists will free the hostages? will there be cease fire?

Change back to JUDEA.

Drop the name Palestine.

For a start, Israel should insist reinstating this land to rid of its present name “Palestine” back to its original name as JUDEA ( Land of the Jews).

This will give back legitimacy to the jews as the true owners and not occupiers.

Announce this to the whole world “Palestine” is now to be called JUDEA.

With this I believe it will stop the Arab nonsense that is going around that they are “refugees in their own land”.

The Israeli government long ago had announced a standing policy of dissuading suicide bombers and murderers by legislating that homes of terrorists who kill or maim innocent civilians would be razed to the ground. This is what we witness in this video in this article. Israel does not deliberately target hospitals, homes of innocent civilians whether Jews or Arabs. It certainly does not purposely target civilians or civilians infrastructure. Risk of collateral damage is always a key consideration and is always minimised when targeting terrorists. Please make an effort to investigate for yourself: “the Israeli Defence Force is the most… Read more »

Make no mistake. Palestinians in Jenin and rest of west bank are no better. Mahmoud Abbas is the gravely corrupt tyrant of the Palestinian Authority that pays tons of money to families of suicide bombers and killers and stabbers targeting israels Jews. Streets in Jenin and west bank are named after suicide bombers, whose families are paid handsomely for supposed martydom. Children are brought up hating Jews and later end up as terrorists. Btw, there are also 2 millions Palestinian Israeli citizens who live alongside Israeli Jews in peace, working and living together in schools, institutions and in companies. These… Read more »

The author omitted to mention that since 1967 and after 2005 Gaza handover to Palestinian Authority, Israel continued supplying water, electricity, food, tax money and even jobs to Palestinian arabs in Gaza while Hamas, the terrorists organisation that ruled Gaza, continued to rain rockets, mortar, and suicide bombers against Israel on a daily basis. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! And blame Israel as the villain, and Palestinian and Hamas as victims???! How atrocious a lie! How ridiculous and immoral of the media and the UN (Useless Nations)

Palestinians are Hamas. Hamas are Palestinians. what is the difference?

They both want to wipe out Israel. Stop crying Palestinians.

This article makes Palestinian arabs look like angels and saints who murder and bomb innocent israelis and Arabs civilians without exception. Meanwhile the only democracy living among 22 Arab despot nations, the one and only Jewish state is painted as the rogue state. How upside down is this world???